School Policy

Gender identity curriculum divides Nampa School District patrons

Trustees will decide whether to ban the curriculum or keep it, with added parental oversight.

Post Falls adopts four-day school week to boost attendance and retain teachers

In March 2024, the district will revisit the decision and decide whether to continue or revert back to a traditional schedule.

Open enrollment: a law that won lofty praise but will likely have little impact

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Critchfield’s take on how the session will impact education

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Attendance will affect schools’ bottom line again

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A new school bathroom law and an uncertain future for LGBTQ students

How a controversial new law stands to impact Idaho schools.

Boise seeks feedback on dress code policy changes

The goal is to remove arbitrary standards and language, encourage positive student-staff relationships, and limit the policy’s impact on teaching time.

Freeze on Idaho’s transgender athlete ban faces new challenges

Defenders of the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act are petitioning a federal district court to reconsider blocking enforcement of the law.

How federal vaccine mandates affect Idaho education

Staff of at least two schools and a baker’s dozen Head Start programs will have to get the jab.

Idaho joins lawsuit against White House over trans student protections

The move marks an effort to shield the state’s transgender athlete ban from a legal challenge.