school funding formula committee

Pivotal K-12 funding spreadsheet remains unavailable to public

Lawmakers spent most of a Monday morning public hearing running numbers and looking at school funding scenarios. They were working on a document that Idahoans paid for — but cannot access on their own.

School funding committee kicks off regional meetings

Paid consultants will host a mix of public hearings and invitation-only focus groups where the public will be barred from attending.

Lawmakers face a funding and accountability puzzle

A legislative committee wants to present a new school funding formula to the 2019 Legislature. One question: Can the state link its funding formula to school accountability?

Funding formula committee to meet Tuesday

With the Legislature’s work all but done for 2018, some summer committees are getting a jump on their work.

Round 3: Funding formula committee looks at another summer of work

Statehouse roundup, 2.15.18: A “truth in bonding” bill, designed to require school districts and local governments to disclose the bottom-line cost of tax proposals, heads to the House floor.

At $194.7 million, Idaho’s supplemental levy bill keeps rising

During the recession, schools used the local levies to offset unprecedented state budget cuts. The state’s K-12 budget is rebounding, but districts are still relying on help from local taxpayers.

Analysis: A taboo topic for the funding formula committee

Lawmakers are starting to talk about how to carve up dollars for K-12. But they have no interest in talking about whether Idaho should shift more school funding back to the property tax.

Slowly, a school funding formula rewrite takes some shape

A legislative committee is talking about ditching Idaho’s old funding formula for an enrollment-based model. Here’s what that could mean for students and schools.

Funding formula committee continues its homework Friday

Lawmakers will spend Friday morning hearing from a national expert on school funding formulas.

Help wanted: Funding formula committee will seek consultants

The committee has $400,000 at its disposal — and a Nov. 30 deadline to finish its work for the year.