SAT scores

SAT scores rebound, but fewer Idaho students are ‘college ready’ amid pandemic

“We expected there would be learning loss because of pandemic disruptions in the school year and in the previous spring,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra.

SAT scores for 2020 seniors follow Idaho’s downward trend

The exam measures “college and career readiness” and is important because Idaho pays for all students to take it in an effort to promote continuing education.

Idaho loses ground on the SAT

Idaho’s scores on the college-placement exam dropped. On top of that, Idaho’s scores don’t stack up well against comparable states. Here’s the latest data, in context.

Idaho’s SAT struggles — in districts large and small

This year, SAT scores dropped in 18 of Idaho’s 20 largest school districts. Meanwhile, Idaho’s high-poverty rural districts still lag behind the state’s average.

How Idaho SAT scores compare with other states

Idaho’s SAT scores are roughly middle of the road — when compared with other states that make the college-entrance exam available to students, free of charge.

Sugar-Salem — a no-show on SAT Day, again

The vast majority of Sugar-Salem High School’s roughly 125 juniors took the state’s other acceptable college-entrance exam, the ACT.

Another 60 percent goal: Higher ed task force wants SAT scores to improve

The task force wants 60 percent of high school students to meet the SAT’s college- and career-readiness benchmarks in 2022-23. Only 32 percent of juniors hit this target in April.

SAT scores illustrate a college-readiness gap

Idaho wants to see more high school graduates go to college. But are they ready? The latest test results are not encouraging.

The latest SAT scores: Who’s up, and who’s down

Here are some facts and figures from the April 2017 “SAT Day” — when 19,323 students took the college-entrance exam.

ISAT, SAT scores remain virtually flat

The State Board of Education took a quick and cursory look at the numbers Thursday afternoon. The state will release more comprehensive ISAT results in the fall.