Reclaim Idaho

Idaho Press: Reports of Reclaim Idaho K-12 initiative price tag overblown

Sunday’s story is the latest installment in an ongoing debate over the Reclaim Idaho initiative — and claims that the measure would inadvertently repeal income tax cuts passed by the 2022 Legislature.

Reclaim Idaho organizers meet goals, turn in final signatures for education initiative 

Now likely to appear on the November ballot, Reclaim Idaho’s initiative would raise more than $300 million a year in income and corporate taxes, and put the proceeds into K-12.

Reclaim Idaho begins gathering signatures on K-12 initiative

But the group might put this campaign on hold — depending on what happens with its lawsuit challenging Idaho’s new initiative law.

Analysis: Behind the legal maneuvering in the Reclaim Idaho initiative

Let’s not lose sight of the big-picture questions raised by the Reclaim Idaho initiative: How much should Idaho spend on public schools, and who ought to pay?

Reclaim Idaho: Court delays would leave K-12 initiative ‘dead in the water’

“The (federal) court simply gave Reclaim Idaho an opportunity — far from a sure thing — to meet Idaho’s rigorous standards to qualify its initiative for the fall ballot,” Reclaim Idaho attorneys wrote Tuesday.

State questions security of Reclaim Idaho online signature gathering effort

Reclaim Idaho says it gathered more than 5,000 signatures last week for its initiative to raise $200 million in new taxes for K-12. The state’s attorneys say the online petition process is susceptible to fraud and abuse.

State goes to U.S. Supreme Court in attempt to block Reclaim Idaho initiative

Attorneys for the state say the Supreme Court should stop the Reclaim Idaho K-12 funding initiative, in order to “restore voter confidence and the integrity of election systems.”

Reclaim Idaho launches online petition drive for K-12 proposal

The group is resuming its campaign for its $170 million to $200 million K-12 funding initiative. The state hopes to get the U.S. Supreme Court to block the effort.

Appeals court sides with Reclaim Idaho on K-12 initiative

Thursday’s ruling could clear the way for Reclaim Idaho to resume its push for a $170 million K-12 funding initiative. A U.S. Supreme Court appeal remains possible.

Will K-12 initiative get a restart this week? The legal maneuvering continues

On Sunday, attorneys for Reclaim Idaho said the state is trying to stonewall the $170 million K-12 funding initiative.