Why they showed up: Three students tell their stories

For students who returned to campus for the 2020-21 school year, showing up was a matter of setting aside concerns about the coronavirus, or accepting required protocols.

Survey: Idaho charter parents, teachers happy with pandemic response

The FDR Group said Idaho charter schools’ response to the pandemic earned them a “reservoir of trust” with parents and teachers.

Student surveys find emotional engagement lower than other areas

More than 20 percent of the 185,000 students who responded to the survey were emotionally “disengaged” from school.

Summer camps give students ‘enrichment’ opportunity

Using Title I and federal funds, Caldwell is giving children an opportunity to learn about science, math and even cooking.

New program looks to connect school counselors

Just before the coronavirus pandemic struck Idaho, state education leaders took on a sizable task: connecting dozens of college and career readiness advisors across more than 80,000 square miles. The result? The Next Steps Idaho Ambassador program.

Makenzie Schiemann, left, and W. Scott Lewis, speakers at the 2021 Behavioral Threat Assessment conference

Educators gather for a K-12 threat assessment conference

“If we help students before they pose a threat, we reduce the likelihood they will ever pose a threat,” said Makenzie Schiemann, president of the National Association for Behavioral Intervention (NABITA).

16,000 school-aged kids in Idaho caught COVID-19. That’s not what school reports said.

The findings suggest that schools don’t have complete information to make their plans for the fall, said Dr. David Pate, a pandemic adviser to Gov. Brad Little and to some Idaho schools.

At least 11 new online schools set to serve students next year

The surge in online offerings marks a changeup in the state’s virtual K-12 landscape, as school districts gear up to serve kids alternative options.

Legislator pushes student survey on history teachings via her Facebook page

The survey’s goals and methodology are ambiguous, though Rep. Nichols’ post says the survey will study curriculum in Idaho schools.

Ybarra looks to give students a voice

The superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is scheduled to be formed in August. But what is it going to look like? And what will it achieve?