Our Kids Idaho’s Future

K-12 task force issues report, as Little prepares for 2020 session

Gov. Brad Little says his K-12 task force’s work will “form the basis of my education budget and policy recommendations for the 2020 legislative session and beyond.”

K-12 task force narrows focus to five recommendations

All-day kindergarten and students’ social and emotional well-being moved to the top of the list following a lengthy debate.

Task force subcommittee calls for uniformity in school safety responses

Supporters say standardized terms and responses can improve communication in an emergency.

First task force subcommittee finalizes its recommendations

The three remaining subcommittees are expected to finalize their recommendations next week.

K-12 task force takes a step back to focus on career readiness

State Board of Education President Debbie Critchfield says there may be a disconnect between the education system Idaho says it has, and the system it actually has.

Task force subcommittee debates school safety responses

The group considered commonly accepted school safety standards and creating uniform responses for events such as lockdowns.

Little task force focuses on rural funding questions

A new school funding formula could have a huge effect on rural schools, and undermine any recommendations that come from Gov. Brad Little’s K-12 task force. “(It’s a) very scary time for us,” Nezperce School District Superintendent Shawn Tiegs said.

Idaho’s top teacher expresses concerns with master educator premiums

More than 1,400 educators have applied for the $4,000 per-year salary incentive.

The new K-12 task force: similar, but not identical

Gov. Brad Little wants his “Our Kids, Idaho’s Future” task force to build on the work of then-Gov. Butch Otter’s 2013 K-12 task force. This time around, expect fewer recommendations, and a fast-paced process.

Little plans to follow his predecessor’s blueprint with new task force

Education advocates say the point of the task force is to build consensus around a new five-year plan for education.