North Idaho College

Analysis: Finally, lawmakers talk about NIC and address the elephant in the room

On Thursday, lawmakers asked some no-nonsense questions about a college that receives $14.8 million in state funding. But there’s only so much legislators can really do.

Two years later, NIC faces another pivotal trustee election

The 2020 election thrust the Coeur d’Alene-based community college into turmoil. Now, two competing slates of candidates are vying for three crucial seats on the board of trustees.

NIC trustees complete presidential interviews — but not without rancor

It’s not immediately clear when trustees will select a new president, but the board is scheduled to meet next on Wednesday.

NIC names finalists for president’s position

The five finalists, all from outside Idaho, will begin touring the Coeur d’Alene campus this week, meeting with constituent groups and holding public forums.

‘North Idaho College is in trouble, and that’s why we’re all here:’ Applicants interview for board vacancies

The State Board of Education plans to appoint and swear in three new trustees Friday — moves that could shift the balance of power at the embattled Coeur d’Alene community college.

NIC trustees drop lawsuit

The State Board of Education plans to fill three vacancies on the North Idaho College board Friday. On Monday, NIC’s two remaining trustees dropped their legal challenge to the State Board process.

State receives 37 applications for three NIC board vacancies

The long list contains some familiar names, including three former legislators and a former trustee candidate who lost in the 2020 election.

NIC receives 59 applicants for president’s job

Finalists could come to the North Idaho College campus for interviews in June.

A polarizing presence, at the center of NIC’s dysfunction

Board chairman Todd Banducci led the charge to fire North Idaho College’s president, and promote its wrestling coach as an interim successor. In a January 2021 email, Banducci railed about a liberal “deep state” at NIC.

Audio: The NIC turmoil, a quick explainer

On this week’s “Idaho Reports” podcast, Kevin Richert and host Logan Finney walk through the ongoing North Idaho College accreditation saga.