Nampa School District

Union: Nampa contract offer ‘untenable’

Nampa teachers will have to make some “concessions” to alleviate a $3.5 million shortfall, local union president Mandy Simpson says. The union is expected to present its contract counteroffer Tuesday evening.

Nampa searching for new finance officer

Michelle Yankovich was hired to help guide the Nampa School District through a deep financial crisis. She will return to the private sector this summer.

Nampa district proposes 14 furlough days

Interim superintendent Pete Koehler said the furlough days would help bring stability to a district facing a $3.5 million deficit. Union representatives said they will present a counteroffer Tuesday evening.

Nampa’s new shortfall number: $3.5 million

The Nampa School District will leave an additional 10 positions unfilled in 2013-14. But the district is still projecting a $3.5 million shortfall, as it heads back into negotiations with the local teachers’ union.

Group pulls plug on Nampa house raffle

A house raffle to benefit the cash-strapped Nampa School District may violate several state and federal laws, the Idaho Lottery says. A nonprofit group is shutting down the raffle and issuing refunds to ticket buyers.

Key budgeting week for Nampa School District

The Nampa School Board will talk budget Tuesday night. And then, on Friday, the district and the local teachers’ union sit down for a negotiating session.

Retiree hopes to raffle away Nampa’s deficit

A nonprofit group hopes to raise $4.3 million to help ease the Nampa School District’s fiscal crunch. The plan: raffle off 40 homes in Nampa — at $100 per ticket, and 2,500 tickets per home.

Nampa candidates differ over shakeup (UPDATED)

Seven candidates are vying for three seats on the Nampa School Board — and Thursday night, they disagreed over the shakeup in the superintendent’s office.

A closer look at Nampa’s latest shakeup

Thomas Michaelson resigned abruptly Tuesday night — after a turbulent six months at the helm at the Nampa School District, and after the school board took no action on one of his big budget-cutting proposals.

Nampa’s complicated, convoluted budget crisis

The Nampa School District is required to submit a balanced budget to the state — and the School Board will meet on June 18 to take up the task. But first, trustees have to sift through a long list of variables.