master educator premiums

State Board says teacher bonus review process nearly complete

Barring any last-minute problems, the state should be able to notify master educator premium applicants by the end of next week.

State Board approves dozens of additional master educator premiums

Each of the teachers will receive the full $4,000 premium this year.

West Ada, Boise teachers will receive a majority of master educator premiums

“I don’t think it’s reflective of the quality of teachers around the state,” a Boise teachers’ union leader said Tuesday.

IEA: State is ‘nowhere near the finish line’ for veteran teachers

But Idaho Education Association President Kari Overall hailed the first round of master educator premiums, awarded this week.

Analysis: Ybarra’s silence on master educator premiums

Ybarra won’t comment on the rocky rollout of the teacher bonus program — and won’t say whether she supports keeping the program in place.

More than 1,200 teachers will receive state master educator premiums

About 87 percent of applicants will receive one of the new state premiums, which could be worth $12,000 over three years.

State to notify master educator premium applicants Monday

Applicants will be notified by email whether they qualify for the premium or not.

Master educator premiums: no word yet

About 1,400 veteran teachers are waiting for word on the three-year, $4,000-a-year premiums.

Master educator premium decisions delayed

Veteran teachers probably will have to wait until mid-September to find out if they will receive the $4,000-a-year bonus.

Master educator premium reviews hit some glitches

The State Board of Education is still hoping to award the $4,000-a-year bonuses by its Sept. 1 deadline.