Lewis-Clark State College

State Board makes tuition freeze official

For a second consecutive year, the four-year schools will hold the line on in-state, undergraduate tuition.

Higher ed enrollment numbers are in — and they are mixed

The coronavirus pandemic had Idaho colleges and universities fearing the worst. But the four-year schools have avoided catastrophic fall enrollment declines.

Analysis: Presidents talk about a ‘new day.’ And they seem to mean it.

Idaho’s new wave of higher education leaders checked rivalry at the Statehouse doors this week — earning praise from legislators.

Statehouse roundup, 1.21.20: Presidents discuss tuition freeze, budget realities

“We have to come up with a (funding) system that we can all agree on,” Idaho State University President Kevin Satterlee told legislative budget-writers Tuesday.

Idaho’s four-year schools agree on ‘momentous’ tuition freeze

The one-year freeze affects in-state, undergraduate students at Boise State University, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Lewis-Clark State College. To balance the books, the four institutions will have to whittle millions of dollars out of their budgets.

Idaho universities post enrollment increases

The overall numbers are up at all three of the state’s four-year universities, and Boise State University’s enrollment set another record.

Statehouse roundup, 1.22.19: Idaho’s new presidents have their day before JFAC

Tuesday was the second day of “Education Week” in JFAC, with budget sessions focused on K-12 and higher education.

Comparing the contracts of Idaho presidents

On top of their salaries — which rank among the highest in state government — presidents also get perks that include country club memberships.

State Board to interview ISU, Lewis-Clark finalists in April

The State Board of Education is looking at three looming presidents’ vacancies, at Idaho State University, Lewis-Clark State College and Boise State University.

Retiring presidents push for additional college scholarships

But retiring Boise State University Bob Kustra minced no words about Gov. Butch Otter’s higher education “CEO” proposal. He again questioned whether the state can wring tens of millions of dollars of savings from the higher ed system.