Jana Jones

First debate offers few revelations

The two candidates for state superintendent of public instruction often had similar answers, but highlighted differences in their backgrounds.

Jones, Ybarra urge caution on tiered licensure

Both superintendent’s candidates say the complex licensing issue needs to be scrutinized.

Idaho’s $1 billion school levy bill

Since 2007 — and during Gov. Butch Otter’s tenure — Idaho schools have backfilled budgets with more than $1 billion in supplemental property tax levies.

Is Tom Luna betting on Jana Jones?

In an interview with The Times-News, Republican Tom Luna suggests the state superintendent’s race is Democrat Jana Jones’ to lose.

Candidates question Luna staff bonuses

Tom Luna awarded $151,000 in staff “retention bonuses,” but about one-fifth of the money went to former staffers.

Website 2.0: Sherri Ybarra reworks wording

The GOP candidate has removed language that mirrored wording on Democratic candidate Jana Jones’ site.

Ybarra breaks silence on website wording

Sherri Ybarra says she takes responsibility for the site’s content. Jana Jones is accusing Ybarra of plagiarism.

Rival campaigns, identical language

Jana Jones said she wrote the passage in January with her staff. Sherri Ybarra’s website was launched more than two months later.

The superintendent’s race: a done deal?

Eleven weeks removed from Election Day, the state superintendent’s race remains a political curiosity.

Ybarra speaks on scheduling flap

The Republican state superintendent’s candidate says she will have ample opportunities to reach out to education stakeholders. She also touted a list of endorsements from 10 GOP legislators.