Idaho State Board of Education

No bonuses this year for master educators

Hundreds of teachers are waiting to find out if they have earned the $4,000-per-year premiums.

State Board approves funding boost for medical residencies

The 2021 Legislature still needs to approve the plan to fund an additional 15 residencies.

Analysis: Idaho’s fast-track, $4 million leap into digital higher ed

With an infusion of federal cash — and a sense of urgency driven by a pandemic — the state is hoping to step up its digital higher education game.

Legislature’s attorneys receive $142,000 for Ybarra lawsuit

It’s unclear how much state superintendent Sherri Ybarra’s lawyer has received. Former attorney general and lieutenant governor David Leroy has a contract worth up to $200,000.

State Board schedules do-over on meeting marked by a streaming glitch

The board continued to hold a two-hour meeting Monday, even though its live Facebook video stream failed. The stream was the only method available for the public to watch the meeting.

Idaho’s four-year schools agree on ‘momentous’ tuition freeze

The one-year freeze affects in-state, undergraduate students at Boise State University, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Lewis-Clark State College. To balance the books, the four institutions will have to whittle millions of dollars out of their budgets.

Little names Boise businessman to State Board

Kurt Liebich had served on Little’s K-12 task force. This marks the second time Little has found a State Board appointee from his task force — bypassing more than three dozen applicants who turned in paperwork months earlier.

As Opportunity Scholarship program grows, the state’s waiting list shortens

More than 6,000 college students will get a share of Idaho’s Opportunity Scholarship money this fall, up nearly 50 percent from a year ago. Some qualified students still are missing out.

State Board search: still no word on appointments

The shorthanded board will meet Wednesday afternoon to hire a new University of Idaho athletic director.

State has $7.6 million for career-technical grants — and a plan for spending the money

First, the federal money will start rolling in. Then, by 2020, the state will need to turn in a plan for measuring success.