Idaho go-on rate

Analysis: In a pandemic, colleges struggle even more to attract Idaho graduates

Before COVID-19, only 45 percent of Idaho high school graduates went straight to college. Apparently, the pandemic is making matters worse.

‘Go-on rate’ is stuck in neutral

In 2017, only 45 percent of Idaho high school graduates went straight to college. But the State Board of Education sees some good news in the numbers.

Latest ‘go-on’ snapshot shows some improvement

But even if the college enrollment numbers are trending upward — and that’s open to interpretation — Idaho is still a long way from hitting its much-touted “60 percent goal.”

A turnaround? Idaho college enrollment increases

Idaho’s increase defies the national enrollment trends — and comes as Idaho is taking several approaches to try to boost its languid college attendance rates.

Survey says: Kids don’t always do what they say they’re going to do

About 73 percent of Treasure Valley graduating seniors said they planned to continue their education — yet Idaho’s go-on rates hover around 50 percent.

Educators end summer break early to focus on go-on strategies

Hundreds of Idaho counselors and teachers attended a conference dedicated to helping them improve their school’s go-on rates.

Some encouraging Idaho college statistics

Of the 2,326 Idahoans who received an associate’s degree in 2009-10, 1,147 received a bachelor’s degree within six years. Only three states had a higher percentage.

U of I study digs into state’s middling go-on rate

Why do some high school graduates go straight to college? Why do some graduates say no to college?

Idaho ‘go-on’ rates: a deeper look

Idaho’s latest college attendance numbers are troubling. Let’s take a closer look at the graduating Class of 2013: some trends, outliers and curiosities.

‘Go-on’ numbers trend downward

The latest numbers are a snapshot in time, subject to change. But they illustrate a clear and wide gap between Idaho’s postsecondary “go-on” rate and the state’s ambitious goals.