Go-on rates

Breaking down Idaho’s ‘go-on rates:’ some local numbers

The district- and school-level data follow some trends that have played out in past years.

Go-on rates: A deeper dive into the declining numbers

This fall Idaho’s “go-on rates” decreased in every demographic group — including crucial demographics, such as Hispanic students and students from low-income households.

Higher ed presidents form council to improve go-on rate

The effort stems from the State Board of Education’s call for higher education institutions to work together on the issue.

More Idaho students apply for financial aid. Will it translate into an enrollment increase?

More than 9,300 Idaho high school seniors have already applied for federal financial aid. The deadline to seek aid from Uncle Sam is June 30.

Idaho’s ‘go-on rate’ shows no improvement

Fewer than 45 percent of the state’s high school graduates went straight to college last fall. Despite a multimillion-dollar campaign to encourage students to continue their education, this number has remained stagnant.

Direct admissions: State accepts 20,213 seniors for college

Seniors will get their direct admission letters in the mail in the next few days. The direct admissions program is one of several state initiatives designed to boost college go-on rates.

Church missions continue to drag down Idaho’s first-year college go-on rates

Students in East Idaho are more likely to go on a two-year mission right out of high school, which affects first-year college go-on rates.

A deeper dive into the go-on rates: a case study from Coeur d’Alene

Sixty-two percent of Coeur d’Alene’s high school graduates went on to college in 2016 — and the district hopes to build on that. Plus, more local breakdowns of the new go-on numbers.

Latest ‘go-on’ snapshot shows some improvement

But even if the college enrollment numbers are trending upward — and that’s open to interpretation — Idaho is still a long way from hitting its much-touted “60 percent goal.”

West Side stories: Life after high school

This small, rural Idaho school churned out a 100 percent graduation rate in 2016. About half went on to college, a ratio that mirrors Idaho’s statewide go-on rate. Here are some of their stories on life after high school.