four-day schools

Middleton adopts four-day calendar

The Canyon County district will be the largest in Idaho to adopt a four-day schedule.

Sugar-Salem considering four-day school week

Trustees have been mulling the change since December and could make a final decision during a school board meeting Wednesday night.

A national perspective on a four-day schools boom

Across the country, more schools are adopting a four-day calendar, according to the Wall Street Journal. Listen to the Journal’s education writer explain the trend.

A four-day schedule: a tough ‘bandwagon’ to escape?

School districts save little money by shifting to a four-day calendar. But once they make a schedule change, it is politically difficult to turn back, according to a scholar who specializes in rural education.

Kamiah considers a shift to a four-day schedule

Forty-four districts and 11 charter schools use a four-day schedule. The cost savings are modest, and the effects on student achievement are largely unknown.

West Jefferson to keep five-day school schedule

After a months-long, community-wide debate, an East Idaho District drops the idea of moving to a four-day schedule.

West Jefferson torn over four-day school week

Parents in the district say they want the flexibility that comes with a four-day week.

Audio: Talking about four-day schools in Idaho

Our five-day series on four-day schools in Idaho — neatly summarized in one 11-minute podcast with Education Writers Association.

Four-day schools: troubling data in Montana

According to one superintendent’s doctoral research, students in Montana’s four-day schools lose ground on standardized tests.

Final words on the four-day schools issue

We have received dozens of comments on our four-day schools series, “Rescheduled Education.” Here’s a look at some highlights.