education task force

Four-day schools: A 24-hour turnaround from Otter?

Here’s what Gov. Butch Otter said about Idaho’s four-day schools in a Tuesday interview — and in a public meeting Wednesday.

All-day kindergarten program in works

The $9.8 million plan is designed to help boost reading skills — but it’s likely to run into political interference.

Lawmakers partially fulfill task force goals

A closer look at what’s been done — and what needs to be done — on the 20 recommendations from Gov. Butch Otter’s education task force.

Otter pledges five-year education plan

Year one of the overhaul will be written “in ink,” says Gov. Butch Otter. Plans for subsequent years will be written “in pencil.”

Prospects spotty for task force proposals

Some of the biggest ideas from Gov. Butch Otter’s education task force are works in progress — and probably won’t be wrapped up in a single legislative session.

Democrats’ bills have bipartisan support

The Democrats’ four bills, created from the work of the governor’s task force on education, represent a huge step forward, Republican state Superintendent Tom Luna said.

Luna hopeful for ‘heavy lift’ for K-12

In an interview with Idaho Public Television’s “Idaho Reports,” state superintendent Tom Luna says he is hopeful that the Legislature will make a down payment on the education task force recommendations.

Notes from the task force forum

What did task force members have to say about pre-K programs, improving Idaho’s postsecondary attendance rate — and Mississippi?

The career ladder plan: another look

Gov. Butch Otter’s education task force has a list of arguments for a new “career ladder” to boost teacher pay. But the fate of the proposal may hinge on how legislators feel about teachers — and current teacher pay.

Will legislators fund the task force’s plans?

The Legislature’s top two budget-writers are voicing early support for one of the education task force’s big-ticket proposals: restoring $82.5 million that have been cut from school district budgets.