Common Core

Mike Pence’s record on Common Core and other K-12 issues

In 2014, Indiana became the first state to repeal the Common Core standards, with Pence’s support.

Board of Education waives 2017 SBAC requirement

Members of the class of 2017 will not be required to the pass the SBAC tests if a State Board of Education rule survives the upcoming legislative session.

Federal lawsuit targets Idaho Core Standards, SBAC exam

The lawsuit, filed Monday, seeks to toss out the Idaho Core Standards established in 2013, and block the online exams tied to the standards.

Legislative roundup, 3.17.15: SBAC opt-out bill derailed

Lawmakers said the bill would have replaced the SBAC test with an alternate assessment that would not be appropriate for them to take.

ISAT review — three questions in question

The State Board of Education will have final say on the content of the exam, aligned to the new Idaho Core Standards.

At the Statehouse, an ISAT opt-out movement surfaces

There is no opt-out bill on the agenda — yet. But the idea is already having a ripple effect at the Statehouse.

Common Core questions pass test — with rare exceptions

A committee of educators and parents reviewed 33,364 possible questions earlier this month. Only 19 questions remain in limbo.

State Board appoints SBAC review panel

Members of the review committee will report to Boise in December to begin reviewing test questions for bias and sensitivity.

ISAT review committee grows — considerably

The Legislature authorized a 30-member committee to review test questions aligned to Common Core. The state says it needs 120 people to do the job.

From Wyoming, a familiar Common Core caution

Test scores are expected to drop when students are tested on Common Core standards.