Education news from around Idaho

Nampa students are running a snack-drive, Boise students are rallying around Simpson’s Salmon plan and more.

Senate Education Committee kills parent payout proposal

“I have a hard time weighing who is at fault here,” Sen. Janie Ward Engelking, D-Boise said. “It’s certainly not our school districts’ fault. It’s certainly not our teachers’ fault. It’s just the situation we’re in. Hopefully we’ll have better insight next time and will do a better job.”

Districts face staff shortages with return to full-time

As kids return to buildings, administrators are looking to rehire — but struggling to fill low-wage positions when staffers could make more at Costco or Amazon.

Youth call for unity, progress at the 2021 virtual Womxn’s march

“The change I want to see today, is: If you see anyone struggling, I want to see others fight and uplift them.”

Young entrepreneur creates non-traditional school

Jake Thompson wants to disrupt education and inspire change in the classroom.

One of Idaho’s top students survived life-threatening illness

James Eidson, a senior at Riverstone International School, has coped with cancer and its side effects.

Students leave a permanent mark in Laurie Roberts’ classroom

A Boise teacher has nearly 1,000 notes from students on her classroom wall.

Girl power: camp encourages girls to pursue STEM careers

The goal of the camp is to attract more women to careers in STEM by offering early exposure to role models and experiences in those fields.

Elementary kids learn math, science, history, art — and two languages

An English-Spanish immersion program in the Boise School District is attempting to close the achievement gap between white students and their Latino peers.

Duo to create dream school in Idaho

Educators from Houston and North Carolina won two-year fellowships to train, plan and launch a public charter school in Boise.