2020 elections

Analysis: Scratching under the surface of a stay-the-course Idaho election

As usual, Idaho voted heavily — and heavily red — in another presidential election. But Tuesday still produced some surprises and significant trends.

Election Night 2020: A viewer’s guide

You’ve heard a lot about the president’s race. Now, let’s talk about some Idaho races that could affect education policy.

Analysis: Voters showed up, but they also hunkered down

Due to unexpectedly high voter turnout or economic fears — or, more likely, a combination of the two — it was a tough night for some school leaders and a solid night for some conservative hardliners.

Election results: West Ada, Middleton levies fail; Jerome bond fails

Several school ballot measures failed Tuesday, in a historic all vote-by-mail primary election. Meanwhile, in eastern Idaho, three legislative incumbents lost.

Election night approaches: Here’s what you need to know

Can you still vote? What’s the latest from the money trail? And when will we know who won? We have the answers.

Idaho Press: Nearly 372,000 Idahoans request primary election ballots

That surprising surge of interest could translate into record turnout for a primary — if voters actually turn in their ballots.

Idaho’s primary: Following the money

This year, the fault lines between mainstream and hardline Republicans could be even more pronounced than ever.

Analysis: In keeping with the times, Idaho holds an unpredictable primary election

Idaho elections are frequently good for a surprise or two. But this spring’s primary is even more unpredictable than usual.

Mixed signals for primary election turnout

Voters must request absentee ballots by May 19, and mail them back by June 2.

Tribune: Early signs point to paltry turnout for spring primary

The coronavirus outbreak has forced Idaho to shift to an unprecedented vote-by-mail primary. But so far, only 7 percent of registered voters have requested a ballot, the Lewiston Tribune reported Tuesday.