2019 Idaho Legislature

East Idaho educators voice concerns over teacher salary changes

One change has fueled “confusion galore” and “distrust” among some educators, said a superintendent at Wednesday’s post-legislative briefing in Idaho Falls.  

Idaho’s new minimum teacher salary: Who benefits and how it shakes out.

More than 3,600 Idaho teachers make less than $40,000 a year. For them, a new state law guarantees a pay raise. But school administrators say the state still needs to do more to recruit and retain teachers.

New sheriff in town … or legislative wild card?

Did the House Education Committee take back its rightful place as a leader in setting education policy?

‘Anyone can get involved. Anyone can have a voice.’

Nampa High School senior Sebastian Griffin convinced legislators to pass a law to allow high-achieving high school students to graduate early and focus on internships, apprenticeships or college courses.

The 2019 legislative session adjourns

The State Board of Education’s budget was the final bill of the year to pass.

The 2019 Legislature: What happened. What didn’t.

Catch up on all the key education legislation from 2019.

House passes State Board budget, inches toward adjournment

Despite tangible progress Wednesday, a divisive fight over rules remains unresolved and the session continues.

Little ‘reluctantly’ vetoes initiative overhaul

In his veto message, the governor does not criticize the controversial initiatives bill. But he says the bill would end up in court — and leave Idaho at the mercy of liberal federal judges.

Little signs bill to bankroll teacher raises

The signing was a formality, and hardly unexpected. The spending bill bankrolls the plan to increase minimum teacher salaries to $40,000 over the next two years.

Idaho’s $40 million stake in charter school buildings

The state’s payments are designed to offset capital costs for charter schools, which receive no local tax dollars. Traditional schools can tap local property taxes for their building projects — if voters sign on.