2018 governor’s race

Rankings, rankings, rankings: Fact-checking Monday’s gubernatorial debate

Here’s what Brad Little and Paulette Jordan had to say about education. And here’s what the numbers really say.

Candidates disagree — cordially — on education and priorities

During a forum Tuesday night, Republican Brad Little praised the state’s five-year commitment to boost K-12 spending. Democrat Paulette Jordan said the state is mortgaging the future of its children.

Idaho Press: IEA will back Little in November election

The teachers’ union had backed Lt. Gov. Brad Little shortly before the GOP’s gubernatorial primary.

Analysis: Unwrapping a Jordan sentence about NDAs and four-day schools

“Are employee non-disclosure statements as important to learn about as my plans to fund Idaho’s schools so that every child in every community is in the classroom five days a week?” gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan said this week. Let’s break this down.

Statesman: Jordan campaign tumult centers on creation of tribal super PAC

In a resignation letter, obtained by the Statesman’s Cynthia Sewell, Paulette Jordan’s former campaign manager criticizes the campaign’s “detestable” emphasis on growing a federal super PAC.

Spending in governor’s primaries topped $11.4 million

The nominees begin the race to the Nov. 6 election with depleted bank accounts — and Democratic nominee Paulette Jordan holding an edge over Republican Brad Little.

Analysis: Six storylines from primary election day

Election night was every bit as turbulent — and startling — as the campaign that led up to it. Let’s break down the results, and look ahead.

Jordan, Little win gubernatorial primaries

The races featured a record $10.4 million spent on the campaigns with still months before the November general election.

Beyond ads and endorsements: where the candidates stand on education

Here’s a rundown of distinctions between the candidates when it comes to education issues — from pre-K to Common Core to tax and spending policy.

Big number from the gubernatorial money race: $6.6 million

Meanwhile, the four candidates for state superintendent put a meager $45,392 into their statewide race in the latest filing period.