2015 Idaho Legislature

Otter calls ‘extraordinary’ legislative session for May 18

The session will focus exclusively on Idaho’s child-support enforcement crisis.

The first, complicated steps to a career ladder

District officials are figuring out how to implement the complicated new teacher pay plan, signed into law less than four weeks ago.

Ybarra noncommittal on special session

When the 2015 Legislature adjourned April 11, it left Idaho’s child support enforcement system in limbo.

Otter doesn’t commit to special session, praises lawmakers’ education record

Governor declines to say whether he will call special session to address child support bill that was killed during the just-completed 90-day legislative session.

Observers: Ybarra recovered from rocky start to session

The first-year superintendent took heat for early-session budget stumbles — then earned praise for helping schools through the broadband crisis.

Sen. Dean Mortimer hailed a hero of the session

Because of the workload the new chair of the Senate Education Committee carried, the Senate’s No. 1 Republican called him “one of the heroes of this session.”

Want Otter’s final word on the 2015 session? Wait until Thursday

Education issues may not a talking point — but the fate of a child-support bill will almost certainly be a focal point.

Analysis: Of ISATs, child support and federal dollars

The specter of a federal funding loss was a big factor in the Madison district’s ISAT decision. But not a deciding factor in a surprising vote on a child support enforcement bill.

New anti-bullying law signed

House Bill 246 takes a step toward “bringing peace to the schoolyard,” Gov. Butch Otter said Monday afternoon.

Lawmaker mum on K-12 budget, career ladder votes

Only one House member voted against six of the seven K-12 budgets that passed Monday. And she isn’t talking.