Vallivue to ask voters again for levy that failed last week

Vallivue School District trustees decided Thursday to double down. They will ask patrons for a plant facilities levy and a supplemental levy on May 16.

On March 14, a 10-year, $20 million plant facilities proposal fell short of the two-thirds voting threshold needed to pass. Vallivue’s was the only ballot measure that failed in last week’s elections, as Idahoans approved nearly $700 million in levies and bonds.

Vallivue’s plant facilities levy will be back on the ballot. Trustees also agreed to ask for a two-year, $9 million supplemental levy. Unlike the plant facilities levy, the supplemental levy needs only a simple majority to pass.

Joey Palmer, Vallivue’s director of district programs, said the plant facilities levy failed because the campaigning efforts were “extremely light” and that won’t happen this time.

“We’re going to educate our patrons with multiple town hall meetings,” Palmer said. “We’re really going to get the word out.”

In addition, a parent group is forming to help garner support, he said.

Though the plant facilities levy failed in March, it still received 61 percent approval. Palmer said district leaders hope patrons will support both measures, because they would replace existing levies and would not increase tax rates.

The new levies would cover the costs of building repairs and upgrades, school supplies and college- and career-prep programs, said Palmer. The district would also use the money to keep class sizes down.



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