Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluations were intended to be a tool for teachers to receive feedback and improve, and to identify and elevate the best. Sometimes they are meaningful, but other times a trivial checklist. In this series, we take a look at the state of teacher evaluations – where they are now and how they got here.

Tell us how your school is handling coronavirus

We want to know how your school is handling information on coronavirus, as well as how your school is — or isn’t — preparing in case the outbreak spreads closer to home.

The Centers for Disease Control and other health authorities have urged school districts to prepare for the disease to spread. Remote learning in K-12 public education, for example, remains a real possibility. Boise State University will hold all classes online Friday, as part of an exercise to prepare for a possible Idaho coronavirus outbreak. Representatives of state government and other Idaho universities will observe Friday’s exercise.

And how should schools and districts approach large spring events, from sports to school programs and assemblies to commencements?

The World Health Organization reports more than 113,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide, and more than 4,000 coronavirus deaths. The Centers of Disease Control reports 647 coronavirus cases and 25 coronavirus deaths in the United States.

Do you feel prepared if an outbreak of coronavirus hits your community or school? Is your school prepared? What do you think government or school leaders should be doing differently? What’s going right?

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