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School elections: Jefferson County and Vallivue bond issues fail, Madison’s passes

Voters rejected a combined $135 million in bond issues in the Jefferson County and Vallivue school districts, while voters in Madison approved a $25.5 million request.

Voters in Boundary County also rejected a $16.4 million request for similar upgrades, while requests for supplemental funds and money for other capital projects passed in districts across the state.

Forty-one districts sought a combined $288.4 million in bonds and levies Tuesday. In all, voters OK’d over $134 million in requests for local funds.

A rundown of the results so far:

Jefferson County. An $80 million bond issue for new facilities: failed. 

Voters in this growing East Idaho district rejected the nights largest measure, 58.7% to 41.3%.

The measure fell well below the two-thirds threshold it needed to pass.

Jefferson had planned to build new middle school and make other upgrades.

Vallivue. A $55 million bond issue for two new elementary schools: failed

As of Tuesday morning, Canyon County’s website listed the measure as having failed, but a check mark indicated it had passed. The county’s election supervisor, Haley Hicks, told EdNews Monday morning that the measure had failed.

According to the county’s site, the measure received 64.4% percent support, just below the two-thirds threshold it needed to pass.

Vallivue had planned to build two new elementary schools with the funds.

Despite the failed bond issue, voters in this district approved a $9 million, two-year supplemental levy, which needed a simple majority to pass and received 65% of the vote.

Madison. A $25 million bond for a new middle school and other upgrades: passed. 

Sixty-seven percent of voters support this measure, which the district says will fund a new middle school and other upgrades.

Idaho Falls. $24.4 million, 10-year plant-facilities levy: passed, with 81% support.

Boundary County. A $16.4 million for a new elementary school: failed, with 54% in favor.

These funds would have covered construction for a new elementary school, the district said.

Nampa. $16 million, two-year supplemental levy: passed. 

This measure appeared to clear the simple majority required for supplemental levies, 53% to 47%. The money will replace our current levy that expires June 30 of this year and will help cover a range of expenses, from technology to curriculum expenses. More here.

Caldwell. $8.2 million, two-year supplemental levy: passed, 55% of voters approved this measure, which will help preserve class sizes and continue other student programs.

Middleton. $3 million, two-year plant-facilities levy: passed, with 63% support.

Kellogg. $5,916,800, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 65% support.

Mountain Home. $5.4 million, two year supplemental levy: passed, with 65% support.

Orofino. $5,370,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 67% support.

Cassia County. $4,390,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 67% of support.

Wallace. $3.4 million, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 75% support.

Mountain View. $1.7 million, one-year supplemental levy: failed, with just 40% support.

Highland. $250,000, five-year plant-facilities levy: passed, with 74% support. $499,000, one-year supplemental levy: passed, with 73% support.

Valley. $1.5 million, five-year plant-facilities levy: passed, with 70% support. $600,000 two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 72% support.

Potlatch. $1,650,000, one-year supplemental levy: passed, with 54% support.

Troy. $1,990,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 78% support.

Aberdeen. $1,916,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 77% support.

Kimberly. $1.6 million, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 607% support.

Preston. $1,488,800, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 53% support.

Soda Springs. $698,000, one-year supplemental levy: passed, with 70% support.

Plummer-Worley. $1,255,000, two-year supplemental levy: failed, with 47% support.

Shelley. $1,150,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 79% support.

Filer. $1 million, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 65% support.

Salmon. $1 million, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 77% support.

Garden Valley. $1 million, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 55% support.

Basin. $990,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 67% support.

Weiser. $700,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 65% support.

Castleford. $700,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 78% support.

Glenns Ferry. $700,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 66% support.

North Gem. $700,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 70% support.

Shoshone. $600,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 89% support.

Valley. $600,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 72% support.

Grace. $300,000, one-year supplemental levy: passed, with 70% support.

Culdesac. $500,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 88% support.

Richfield. $400,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 69% support.

Grace. $150,000, one-year supplemental levy: passed, with 60% support.

Cambridge. $200,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 71% support.

West Side. $90,000, one-year supplemental levy: passed, with 82% support.

Council. $170,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 76% support.

Mackay. $15,000, two-year supplemental levy: passed, with 63% support. Plant Facility Levy: passed with 62% support.

Homedale. COSSA Levy not exceed .1% of $100,000 of taxable value: passed, with 62% support.

Check back for more results throughout Wednesday.

Idaho EdNews data analyst Randy Schrader contributed to this story. 

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