We have a new look for the new school year

As you can see, we gave ourselves a makeover just in time to start the new school year.

The design is part of an ongoing evolution here at Idaho Education News. As a niche product committed to being your best source for news and stories about public education in Idaho, it’s important that our delivery model stays relevant and compelling.Jennifer Swindell

This new design was driven by website traffic. The features that have received the most visits will become more prominent on our home page, and the items that got very little traffic were dumped.

We hope this web design is easy to use, efficient and entertaining.

Please tell us what you like and don’t like about our product, including our design and content. We’ll listen to your ideas and make data-driven decisions.

The Idaho Education News team will offer you a continually improving product so we can be your best and most trusted source of education news.

Jennifer Swindell, managing editor

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