Incumbent trustees face plenty of contested races across the state

At least 260 trustee seats representing most every district in Idaho are up for election on Nov. 7, and many of those races are competitive when typically they go unchallenged. 

The filing deadline to run for a school board seat was Sept. 8. The withdrawal deadline is Sept. 22. Idaho Education News is collecting the names of candidates for each school board election. The following represents some of what was available today.  

West Bonner

All three West Bonner incumbents face opponents in their bid to retain their seats. In zone one, Alan Galloway of Priest River is running against incumbent Margaret Hall. In zone three, Elizabeth Glazier of Priest River will face incumbent Troy Reinbold. In zone five, Kathy Nash of Blanchard faces incumbent Carlyn Barton.

West Bonner trustees have been in the spotlight recently for the August recall election of two board leaders. In the next four months, Hall, Reinbold and Barton are tasked with appointing two new trustees who will serve out those terms. Trustees will meet as a board Wednesday for the first time since the election. 

The two open seats will not be part of the November election, because they have to be appointed, confirmed Bonner County Clerk Mike Rosedale.

The voting precincts for zone one are Blue Lake, East Priest River, Lamb Creek, Oldtown and Priest Lake; for zone three, they are Clagstone and Edgemere; in zone five, they are Oldtown and Spirit Valley.

In the previous election four years ago, there were 322 votes cast in zone one and 230 votes in zone three. Barton ran unopposed. In those three districts, there are 5,310 registered voters. Go to this link to register.

Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene’s school board has two seats up for election. In both races, there are multiple candidates scheduled to run. 

In zone two, current trustee Casey Morrisroe is not seeking reelection. Voters will chose from candidates James “Jimmy” McAndrew, Yasmin Harris, Paul Mahlow and Mike Stavish; in zone three, incumbent trustee Heather Tenbrink will face Matt Blatt and Jeremy DeChaine.


Zone 1 — Jay Dufffy, Stephanie Bins

Zone 2 — Adam Schasel, David Jennings


Zone 2 — Ray Horrell, Manuel Godina

Zone 3 — Nicole Trakel, Travis Manning

Zone 4 — Niccole Hyland, Andrew Butler


Zone 3 — Toni Brineegar

Zone 4 — Brian Bishop, Paul Tierney

Zone 5 —  Amy Johnson


Zone 1 — Joy Thomas, Hillary Lowe

Zone 2 — Kristi Hardy, James Grant

Zone 5 — Russell Johnson, Michael Thornton


Zone 2 – Ryan Segar

Zone 3 — Jolene Gould

Zone 4 — Travis Christiansen


Zone 2 — Chad Showalter

Zone 4 — Sean Rowley


Zone 3 — Jakob Dempsey

Zone 5 — Derek Moore

West Ada

Zone 2 — Susan Schuetz, Lucas Baclayon

Zone 4 — David Binetti, Miguel Deluna, Mariel Gates

Zone 5 — Tom Moore, Rene Ozuna, Jeremy Cutler


Zone 1 — Randi Bain, Kyle Olmstead

Zone 2 — Ramona Grissom, Cherish Hansen

Zone 3 — Sheila Holfeltz, Michelle Thompson


Zone 3 — Jaime Ponce

Zone 4 — Bree Walker

Zone 2 — Tammy Gauthier, Laura Laumatia

Zone 4 — Nicky James. Jan Mitchell

Zone 5 — Brian Clark, Chris Smith

Zone 6 — Payton Hodgson, Marlow Thompson


Zone 3 — Sam Gibbons, Sarah Frohlich

Zone 4 — Alexa Griffin, David Hernandez

Zone 5 — Felicia Cassidy, Melanie Carter, John Schroeder

Emmett (no designated zones voters pick three)

No Zones — Nita Barnard, Mona Barnes, Adam Buck, Tim Brady, Janet Drake, Mike Garner, Derrick Oxnam, Patty Puschmann, Qandryel Romrell, D’on M Waltermine


Zone 1 — Jim Hermann

Zone 3 — Kelley A. Porter


Zone 1 — Rone Ireland, Steven McDowell

Zone 4 — Justin Cowly, Ryan Lawrence


Zone 2 — Jessica Scholfield

Zone 4 — Ryan Becker


Zone 2 — Kyle Osborn

Zone 4 — Pamela Hilliard

Zone 5 — Wendy Fredrickson


Zone 2 — Mandy Kirk

Zone 3 — Brittany Griffan

Zone 5 — Beverly Clark


Zone 4 — None

Zone 5 — None


Zone 1 — None

Zone 3 — Michelle Mendenhall

Zone 4 — None


Zone 1 — Natalie Kashi

Zone 2 — Jennie Beach, Michael Adams

Zone 5 — Jared Killpack, Martin Balben. William McMahon

Twin Falls

Zone 2 — Brad Breland, Heidi Tubbs

Zone 4 — Jonathan Lord

Zone 5 — Heidi Casdorph

American Falls

Zone 1 — Kamren Kompin

Zone 3 — Jessalee Smith


Zone 1 — Marshall Ralphs

Zone 2 — Jordan O’Brien

Arbon Valley

Zone 1 — Ashlee Fitch

Zone 3 — Zachary Tarbet

EdNews Data Analyst Randy Schrader contributed to this report. 

Darren Svan

Darren Svan

Reporter Darren Svan has a background in both journalism and education. Prior to working for military schools at overseas installations, he was news editor at several publications in Wyoming and Colorado. You can send news tips to [email protected].

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