Idaho Ed Trends

We launched a feature on our website called Idaho Ed Trends. The goal of Idaho Ed Trends is to translate education data into an accessible, user-friendly format.

Education data in Idaho can be difficult to find and interpret, which is why we devoted time to creating this resource.

Data used in Idaho Ed Trends is publicly available data from the Idaho State Department of Education, Idaho State Board of Education, National Center for Education Statistics and National Student Clearing House.

The tool has data on student achievement, per-pupil spending, student demographics and college go-on rates by district. It also has school profiles that show achievement trends and district spending.

We plan to update the website regularly as more recent data becomes available and with new data, such as student-teacher ratios, SAT scores in secondary schools and IRI results in elementary schools.

We encourage you to use Idaho Ed Trends as a tool — but not the only tool — to start constructive conversations about education in your community and state.

We appreciate your feedback as we continue to update and improve this data center over the next year.

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