Gun threat prompts school closures in Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot School District canceled all classes Thursday after a student made a threat to Blackfoot High School.

Police arrested a 14-year-old in connection with the threat on Wednesday. School administrators and local police searched Blackfoot High School for weapons but found none, according to a Facebook post issued by the district Wednesday night.

Administrators and police ultimately determined no threat existed, the district said. However, police revived their investigation late Wednesday night after new information obtained through social media suggested the threat was ongoing.

A separate statement posted to Blackfoot’s Facebook page Thursday morning said administrators could not  “quickly validate or dismiss” the new information, and decided to cancel school.

Police investigated throughout the night Wednesday and informed school administrators early Thursday morning that the subsequent information “was not viable,” according to the district.

Blackfoot is located in East Idaho, between Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

Devin Bodkin

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