Governor, superintendent announce new history resource for Idaho schools

Updated June 16, 9:15 a.m., with more information about how to access the resources. 

Gov. Brad Little and Superintendent Debbie Critchfield on Thursday announced a new history resource for Idaho schools, citing a need to combat a nationwide decline in history and civics scores.

“It’s more important than ever that Idaho children learn the facts about American history,” Little said. “Our students must learn about the roots of our country, how America became the great country that it is today and understand the hope and opportunity that exists for future generations of America.”

Critchfield and Little announce the new history resource.

Called “The Story of America,” the curriculum is intended as supplementary material for students in grades 8-12 — and marks the first time the state has directly provided learning resources to districts in this way. 

“We know for many districts that the budgetary constraints that they have around purchasing new materials can be very difficult to overcome, and many of our districts rely upon supplemental levies to do that,” Critchfield said. “This is an opportunity not only to supply the curricula and the educational side, but also to relieve some burdens for the local taxpayers and patrons.”

Critchfield said the resource will support students’ knowledge of America while boosting literacy skills like writing, analyzing, evaluating, and presenting. 

“These skills will help prepare our students to be strong American citizens, capable of self-government at the local, state, and national level.”

And the resource will help graduating seniors complete their civics exam, which is required to receive a diploma, Critchfield said.

“The Story of America” curriculum was created by leading experts in the field of American history, and was vetted and tested by the State Department of Education. 

“This curriculum presents a picture of America that aligns with our Idaho values of embracing patriotism and a sense of pride about the success of our great country, and it teaches American history in a fair and factual way,” Little said in a press release. 

Idaho teachers and students will access the resource online via individual login credentials. The SDE encourages schools to take advantage of the resource, and will be in contact with districts and charters throughout July to help with rostering and onboarding procedures. 

Contact the SDE for more information.

Idaho EdNews Staff

Idaho EdNews Staff

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