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Our staff just updated IdahoEdTrends.org, Idaho Education News’ companion website and data center, so it continues to have the most recent, publicly available data on all schools, charters and districts in Idaho.

We spent months collecting data and weeks displaying it on our user-friendly format so you can easily explore and compare numbers.

At IdahoEdTrends.org you’ll find results and trends on standardized tests, demographics and financials. The data is displayed on scatter plots, charts, graphs and summaries. Using the Idaho Public Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act, we obtained the data from state and national sources.

IdahoEdTrends.org has the numbers on:

  • Your local tax levies and now they compare against other districts (total funding and per student funding)
  • Recent third grade reading results and the trend
  • Graduation rates
  • Student-teacher ratios
  • Per-pupil expenditures over a 10-year timeline
  • SAT scores
  • Teacher evaluation ratings

Here are some highlights from IdahoEdTrends.org:

  • The Blaine County School District spends nearly twice as much on students as does the Boise School District and nearly three times as much as West Ada School District.
  • Students in the New Plymouth School District and the Moscow School District both scored 52 percent proficiency in math (ISAT). New Plymouth spends $6,710 a year per student while Moscow spends $9,053 per student. Blaine County spends $15,347 per student and earned a 44 percent proficiency in math.
  • Homedale Elementary has shown improvement in third grade reading scores — from 68 percent proficient to 81 percent proficient in 2016-17. Meanwhile, the third-grade reading scores at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Caldwell dropped over three years from 85 percent proficient to 49 percent proficient.
  • Twin Falls and Idaho Falls high schools have similar demographics, expenditures and student-teacher ratios. Twin Falls has a higher go-on rate and better results on the SAT, a college entrance exam.
  • The Cottonwood Joint School District has one of the highest go-on rates in the state.
  • Idaho charter schools, including Compass, Victory and North Idaho STEM, earned some of the best math proficiency marks.
Idaho EdNews Staff

Idaho EdNews Staff

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