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Heidi Trunnell

Do you think you could pass a driver’s education class? Heidi Trunnell, a Boise School District driver education instructor, says most people forget simple driving rules.

“Are you always using your signal, turning in the far lane and using your mirrors? It’s hard to get a 100 percent on a test or even in a driving course,” Trunnell said.

She is in her fifth year teaching driver’s education part-time for the district. When she’s not using the second foot break in the car while with students, you will find her in the classroom teaching math at Capital High School.

“Being a teacher with the summer off I still wanted an extra income. I took the classes to get certified to teach driver’s education and now I love it,” Trunnell said. “The first couple days out with the kids can be scary, but it’s fun to watch them improve.”

Addison Frogley, a Capital High School senior, is utilizing her summer break to learn how to drive — she wants to have her driver’s license by the end of the year.

“Driver’s training can be scary at first, but I got into things and driving is becoming more clear,” Frogley said.

The Boise School District offers a summer four-week driver’s education program. Students who have a driver’s permit pay a fee of $220.

“It is a great program and during the school year the classes go for more than six weeks,” Trunnell said. “We are putting safe driver’s out on the road and it’s helping the kids a lot.”

This summer the district has seen an increase in students with more than 300 enrolled for the months of June and July.

“In past years we would only ride Monday through Thursday, this summer we had to add Friday to the schedule,” Trunnell said.

For more information about the program, click here.

Note: Stone Sutton contributed to the production of the video above. 


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