Where WiFi moves a little slower …

Last week, we wrote about the first stages of the Idaho WiFi rollout — and reported that, not surprisingly, most junior high schools and high schools want their WiFi ASAP.

But there’s one exception: a school that told the state to wait until May for the hookup.

And who is it?

Kuna High School.

“(The Kuna School District) said they would prefer to be connected in May because they have several projects currently underway in their local district,” state Department of Education spokeswoman Melissa McGrath said in an email. “We are open to working with school districts in this way.”

Education Networks of America, the contractor on the controversial WiFi project, has a March 15 deadline to finish its work. But Kuna’s request will have no bearing on the contract, McGrath said.

More reading: WiFi contractor agrees to restructure deal, which may reduce the state’s costs.

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