What’s next? That’s the question for the funding formula committee



When the Legislature’s school funding formula next meets, lawmakers hope to figure out their next steps.

The committee is scheduled to meet Monday morning at the Statehouse. It’s a short, open-ended agenda — and the 10-member committee could wrap up its day’s work before noon. But the final item on the agenda is telling: “committee discussion on options for moving forward.”

That more or less sums up the status of the funding formula committee, now in its second summer of work. Last year, the House-Senate panel studied the intricacies of the funding formula, a delicate and controversial calculus that is used to carve up the state’s K-12 dollars. Now, the committee is expected to start looking at options — and it has $400,000 of state funding at its disposal, to hire consultants or acquire school funding computer software.

Idaho’s funding formula has not been rewritten since 1994. The legislative committee might have recommendations for the 2018 session — but that’s not guaranteed.

Monday’s meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. at the Lincoln Auditorium, on the Statehouse’s garden level.

Check back Monday for committee meeting coverage.



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