Snake River teacher complaint draws crowds

Trustees in the Snake River School District will have to decide the fate of Elaine Asmus, a 28-year veteran science teacher.

It’s an emotional topic with some office intrigue thrown in.

The district administration recommends getting rid of Asmus at year’s end, painting the teacher as a bully who has killed efforts at collaboration. Idaho Education Association attorney Paul Stark said the problem stems from the district’s inability to properly handle personnel problems, according to Michael H. O’Donnell of the Idaho State Journal.

This personnel issue centers on a complaint filed against Asmus by Laura Gabrylczyk, a first-year teacher who is the wife of district Superintendent Mark Gabrylczyk.

A due process hearing Friday drew hundreds of spectators, the Idaho State Journal reported last week. The board picked up the hearing Monday and drew another big crowd, the Associated Press reports.

But with the conclusion of the hearings, the clock is ticking; trustees have 15 days to make a decision, the Journal reports

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