Recall drive targets Gooding trustee

In the latest plot twist at the Gooding School District, critics have targeted trustee David Reeves for a possible recall.

The recall drive lists several grievances, the Twin Falls Times-News reports: Reeves has been unable to attend School Board meetings and training sessions; has shown disrespect to school employees and the public; and has “contributed greatly to the current hostile and nonproductive environment.”

Reeves was not immediately available for comment, according to the Times-News.

The petition drive is a “pre-recall,” a precursor to a possible recall election.

It’s unclear whether the recall drive is related to recent upheaval at the Gooding district. High school principal Chris Comstock resigned on Jan. 14, amidst complaints that a school secretary was racially biased and favored some students. Two days later, Superintendent Heather Williams announced her resignation, which she says is unrelated to Comstock’s departure. Williams is a part-time teaching consultant with the Idaho Leads Project, a professional development program housed at Boise State University.

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