Public TV documentary focuses on tribal education

Next week, Idaho Public Television will turn its attention to high schools on the state’s Indian reservations.

“Journey to Opportunity” will focus on the educational and economic challenges facing Idaho Native American students, and profile high school students as they go to college or the workplace.

“Idaho’s American Indians are a remarkable people, and it’s my hope that their voice is better represented in our global society,” producer Emily Border said. “Let’s use this film as a tool to empower positive action at an individual and policy level.”

“Journey to Opportunity” will air statewide at 7 p.m. on Aug. 16 on Idaho Public Television. But this week, the documentary is making the rounds through a series of public and private showings. The State Board of Education will get a look at the documentary Wednesday morning, before kicking off two days of board meetings in Pocatello.

For a sneak peek, here’s the teaser video (and you can also see the full documentary here):

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