Post-election school incidents: How widespread are they?

Since Donald Trump’s election Tuesday, teachers and students across the country have reported a possible surge in on-campus racist incidents.

For example, the Associated Press cited two reports from schools on Wednesday. In Gurnee, Ill., a “whites only” message was drawled on a bathroom door, prompting a protest from¬†minority students. In a Michigan middle school, students chanted “build a wall” in the cafeteria, an incident captured on video.

The AP says “more than 20” incidents have occurred at K-12 schools and universities.

The 74, a New York-based nonprofit news site, reported more than 140 bullying incidents, quoting from Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The incidents may be nothing new, however. In Idaho, Latino advocate Rebecca De Leon tells the Idaho Statesman that racist bullying incidents began to spike last year, after Trump launched his presidential campaign.

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