Perfect 2,400: I.F. student aces SAT

More than 1.66 million high school students took the Scholastic Aptitude Test in 2012-13 — and only 360 scored a perfect 2,400.

One is Jackson Barber, an Idaho Falls High School student who aced the test as a sophomore, a year earlier than many students take the test.

“I had some good teachers that were preparing me for the SAT,” Barber, 16, told the Post Register Tuesday. “I thought I was in a good position, so I went with my gut feeling and it turned out well.”

A 2,400 translates to a perfect 800-point score on all three disciplines of the SAT: math, writing and critical reading.

Barber now is considering graduating a year early — and is weighing a variety of career options, including law, filmmaking, writing and  journalism.



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