Nampa levy: a question of confidence

Nampa is one of at least three large school districts looking at supplemental levies or bond issues in 2014, as we reported Wednesday.

But Nampa is something of an outlier, if only because of the financial crisis that has gripped the district for the past couple of years. Voters have approved $7.5 million in levies since August 2012, to help mitigate the need for even deeper budget cuts.

Both levies are expiring, and the Nampa School Board will go back to voters sometime in 2014 seeking a new levy; the date and the amount have not been determined.

In Thursday’s Idaho Statesman, reporter Bill Roberts looks at the prospect of a third levy — especially in the context of the much-publicized financial bungling that left the Nampa district $5.1 million in the hole.

“A supplemental levy, in some respects, is a vote of confidence or no confidence in the sitting board,” said Brian McGourty, a trustee re-elected to the board in May. “I don’t like having to go back to the public this early. … I don’t know whether there is another alternative.”

Here’s a link to Roberts’ article.

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