Magic Valley districts fill vacancies with unlicensed teachers

As schools across the state continue to grapple with teacher shortages, several Magic Valley school districts are using alternate methods to fill vacancies.

The Twin Falls School District has hired 34 teachers through alternative routes, and 20 of these teachers have no license, the Twin Falls Times-News reported this week.

The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence has become Twin Falls’ preferred route for finding unlicensed teachers. The ABCTE, a nonprofit founded with a 2001 U.S. Department of Education grant, allows college graduates with a bachelor’s degree to obtain a teaching certificate.

Thirteen of Twin Falls’ 20 unlicensed teachers are seeking ABCTE certification, the Times-News reported.

Twin Falls’ dilemma is not unique; nearby rural districts are also filling job vacancies by hiring unlicensed teachers. The neighboring Kimberly School District has hired 13 teachers who have alternative authorizations. Eight of these teachers are unlicensed.

Coming in October: Idaho Education News will take a statewide look at teacher shortages.

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