Lead detected in water at Boise school

Lead has been detected in the water at one Boise school, and district officials are checking water lines in 26 other older schools.

Water at Fairmont Junior High School contained elevated levels of lead, according to tests conducted in mid-September. District officials say the lead was found in fixtures and faucets, and did not come from the water source itself.

“All water faucets and fixtures which failed testing were immediately taken out of service, and are being replaced,” the Boise School District said in a news release.

The district will check water supplies at 26 schools, all built before 1986, when Congress restricted the use of lead in faucets, pipes and plumbing materials. The district will also provide drinking water from alternative sources, for families who choose not to use the school’s fountains and faucets.

Fairmont, located in West Boise, was built in 1964.

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