Lawmaker on ‘Redskins’ mascot: ‘Tradition is important’

One of Teton County’s legislators has weighed in on the ongoing Teton High School mascot controversy — urging the school to keep the “Redskins” moniker.

Rep. Chad Christensen, R-Ammon

“I stand with those that support keeping tradition,” Rep. Chad Christensen wrote on his Facebook page. “The term ‘Redskin’ did not originate as a negative term. In fact, Native Americans used the term themselves! It is a very literal term …

“I am fed up with political correctness and oversensitivity! Tradition is important!”

Christensen, R-Ammon, represents a far-flung Eastern Idaho legislative district that includes Teton County.

The feedback from Christensen’s Saturday post was predictably polarized. One commenter called the Teton mascot “honorable.” Another said the mascot amounts to “white racism.”

Teton has used the Redskins mascot since 1920, and school officials have debated dropping it for several years.

The issue came to a head in early May, when 10 Teton High School freshmen walked out of class, urging the school to keep the mascot.

The school board is expected to take up the issue on July 8, accepting public comment.



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