The latest SAT scores, by school and district

We’ve heard from some readers wondering about the SAT scores released last week — and asking about the scores at the high school and district level.

Idaho Education News requested school- and district-level data. The State Department of Education provided the data to us on June 14, hours after releasing the statewide numbers.

Since we have the numbers — and since the State Department of Education has posted only statewide data on its website — you can download our spreadsheets here.

Click here to see how your local high school fared.

And click here to compare school districts and charter schools.

A couple of things to know about the spreadsheets:

  • The two columns at the right show the percentage of students who met the SAT college- and career-readiness benchmark. A score of 480 on the evidence-based reading and writing section is considered to meet the benchmark; in math, the threshold is 530. According to the College Board, the nonprofit that develops the SAT, college readiness is defined as a 75 percent chance of pulling a C average in college.
  • You won’t see every school and every district in these spreadsheets. If a school or district had fewer than five students take the SAT, then the scores were withheld to protect student privacy.
  • Similarly, some results were redacted from the two tables in order to protect student privacy. If fewer than five school or district students met the college- and career-readiness benchmark, that is reflected with an asterisk.

All the scores come from the April 12 “SAT Day,” when 17,470 Idaho high school juniors took the exam free of charge.