Fulcher starts anti-Common Core petition

Gubernatorial candidate Russ Fulcher — who endorsed the new Idaho Core Standards three years ago — is now launching an online petition drive urging the state to dump the standards.

From the Fulcher campaign website:

Sen. Russ Fulcher, R-Meridian

Idahoans want a local education system that empowers teachers and parents. 

“But Gov. Butch Otter and Barack Obama want to force federal influence on Idaho through Common Core, a top-down national curriculum that puts your child’s education in the hands of federal bureaucrats, and out-of-state interests. 

“Russ Fulcher will fight to restore local control to Idaho’s education system by rejecting Common Core.”

The Senate and House education committees approved a rule in 2011 supporting the new standards in math and English language arts, and Fulcher voted for the standards in Senate committee. Fulcher, R-Meridian, has also floated a bill that would require the Legislature to approve future multistate education compacts by formal vote. That bill’s prospects seem dim; the bill is on hold for a rewrite, and Fulcher is not at the Statehouse this week.



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