Filer employees cleared of wrongdoing

Three Filer School District employees are back on the job after a police investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing.

And now, the police department is focusing its investigation on the person who made the allegations in the first place.

“After examining the facts obtained in this case, it has been determined that there is no basis for the allegations,” the district said in a statement, according to the Twin Falls Times-News.

The three employees had been placed on leave during the investigation.

Friday’s news shed little light on the nature of the alleged misconduct — and did not identify the employees who were investigated.

Previously, The Times-News said district Superintendent John Graham appeared to be one of the employees under investigation. When the Filer district issued a statement earlier this month acknowledging the investigation, it was signed by middle school Principal Shane Hild, identified as Filer’s acting superintendent.

More on Friday’s news from KMVT-TV.

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