Facing a financial crunch, Blaine County schedules budget workshops

The Blaine County School District isn’t running at a deficit — at this point.

Blaine County School District logoBut the district has scheduled a dozen public meetings this month to discuss a five-year spending plan.

Here’s the rub: When the Legislature cut property taxing authority for most school districts, it allowed a handful of property-rich districts to collect “stabilization levies.” The Legislature capped Blaine County’s levy at $29.5 million a year, and it accounts for two-thirds of the district’s budget.

“In 2011, expenses began exceeding revenue and reserve funds are being used,” the district said in a recent news release. “While the district is not operating in deficit, it does need to develop a sustainable fiscal plan in order to avoid a deficit in the future.”

The meetings will be held from Oct. 19-23 at eight locations across the Blaine County district. For more details, and a full schedule, click on the Blaine County district’s website.

For more details on Blaine County’s budget, click on this link.

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