CWI trustees give president a contract extension and a raise

A month after the head of the faculty Senate expressed no confidence in College of Western Idaho President Bert Glandon, the college’s board gave Glandon a one-year contract extension.

The extension comes with a raise of about $5,500, Erin Bamer of the Idaho Press reported Tuesday. Glandon earned $248,359.14 in 2018, Bamer reported.

The extension means Glandon is under contract for the next three years.

On April 16, criminal justice associate professor and Faculty Senate President Stephanie Ritchie Breach publicly read a letter to college trustees, expressing no confidence in CWI’s administration. Based on surveys of CWI’s 146 faculty members, Ritchie Breach said administration has created a culture of fear, while running the rapidly growing college as if it were a for-profit entity.

At Tuesday’s meeting, CWI board president Skip Smyser said the college would come up with a plan to rebuild relationships, but he asserted that the board has respect for Glandon, Bamer reported. Ritchie Breach told Bamer that she considered the response inadequate.

More reading: More from Bamer of Tuesday’s board meeting, as trustees discuss whether to increase student fees.



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