Boise district to consider $217 million building plan

A consultant has prepared a 10-year, $217 million plan to rebuild and renovate Boise schools.

The Idaho Statesman reported on the record building plan Wednesday.

Among the big ticket items: replacing Whittier, Amity and Pierce Park elementary schools, and building a new elementary school in Southeast Boise’s growing Harris Ranch subdivision. Each new school carries a projected cost of $13.8 million. Adding classroom space at the district’s Professional Technical Center would tack $13.3 million to the bill, the Statesman reported.

The $217 million plan would cover most of the district’s facilities needs, but not all of them. The DeJong-Richter consulting firm studied the district’s 52 facilities and calculated the overall need at $326.4 million. (Click here to review the consultant’s August PowerPoint presentation.)

School trustees have not yet decided what to do with the proposal, the Statesman reported. The board is expected to meet Nov. 1 to adopt a plan, and meet again on Nov. 14 to figure out how to pay for it.

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