Adult completer scholarship could take shape next week

The State Board of Education will start working out the details of a new college scholarship program next week.

The “adult completer” scholarship will provide money for older students who completed at least 24 college credits before “stopping out.”

The 2018 Legislature approved $13.5 million for the state’s popular Opportunity Scholarship program. The Legislature also authorized the State Board to move up to 20 percent of the money, or $2.7 million, into the adult completer scholarship that will launch on July 1.

“Over 3,700 high school seniors went to college or a career technical program last year with help from an Opportunity Scholarship,” State Board President Linda Clark said in a news release. “Now, we can increase the program’s reach and help adults eager to improve their career prospects through higher education.”

The State Board meets Wednesday and Thursday in Moscow.

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